About NK Communications

The company began as the Finnish Cable Works, founded in 1912 in Finland. In 1960 the company name was changed to Nokia Cables. In 1990 Nokia Cables was restructured into an independent company within the Nokia family of companies. In 1996 Nokia spun off the cable manufacturing operations to the NKF Group. In 1997 the company name was formally changed to NK Cables Ltd. NK Cables and its parent company, the NKF Group designed, manufactured and installed a wide range of cable products. In October of 1999 NKF Group was acquired by Draka Holding. In 2003 the company became known as Draka NK Cables Ltd and is now a member of the Draka Cablete group within Draka Holding. NK Communications was founded in 2006 as an independent importing, stocking and sales agent covering the North American market.

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